Located in our Synagogue are elegant memorial tablets for the purpose of inscribing and eternalizing the names of our departed loved ones.

Names inscribed on the plaque have their Yahrtzeit date observed in the following traditional manner:

  • A letter and a yahrtzeit candle will be mailed to you each year reminding you of the day of the Yahrtzeit.
  • If a family member is unable to be present on the day of the Yahrtzeit to say Kaddish, it will be said for you at our daily service.
  • The memorial bulb will be lit during the month of the Yahrtzeit and during all Yizkor days.
  • Four times a year; on Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuot; the memorial prayer is recited for the names of the departed, at the conclusion of the Yizkor service.

 The suggested donation for the installation of a plaque is $1800. Donations may be paid over 12 months if necessary. 

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