Chabad of Northridge
Kiddush Dedication Opportunities
Month of Tishrei 5779 ~ 2018 

  Co-sponsorships of $100 are available for all of the Kiddushim.
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Shabbat – Saturday, September 8
Sponsored by:  Available
Rosh Hashana- Monday, September 10
Sponsored by:  Mark & Barbara Klein IHO Mark's father's Yartzeit
Rosh Hashana- Tuesday, September 11
Sponsored by:  Available
Shabbat Shuva- Saturday, September 15
Co-Sponsored by:  Julie and Martin Kaye
and by: Larry and Susie Block IHO his father's Yartzeit  
and by: Eva Lobel
Yom Kippur, Break-the-Fast - Wednesday, September 19
Co-Sponsored by:  Colleen and Emile Henen
and by:  Eran and Francine Naor
Shabbat Ha’azinu – Saturday, September 22
Sponsored by:   Claudio & Vanessa Duvison IHO Luka’s Bar Mitzvah
Sukkot Under the Stars Community Celebration- Sunday, Sept. 23
Co-Sponsored by:  Steve and Sue Longland, Herald and Helene Hirsch , Herman Rosenbloom, and David and Julia Shabat
First Day of Sukkot – Monday, September 24
Co-Sponsored by:  Moti and Harriet Kattan
Second Day of Sukkot – Tuesday, September 25
Sponsored by:  Chabad of Northridge
Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sukkot- Saturday, September 29
Sponsored by:  Ezra and Yafa Samara IHO her father's yartzeit
Shmini Atzeret Eve - Kiddush before Hakafot- Sunday, September 30
Sponsored by:  David and Julia Shabat
Shmini Atzeret - Monday, October 1
Sponsored by:  Available
Simchat Torah Eve -  Monday, October 1 - Torah Celebration
Co-Sponsored by:  Gene and Elena Voskoboynik IHO his grandmother's yartzeit
Simchat Torah Day- Tuesday, October 2 – Torah Celebration
Sponsored by:  Paul & Sharyn Sassoon IHO Paul's mother's Yartzeit
Shabbat Bereishit- Saturday, October 6
Sponsored by:  Matthew and Lee Fried IHO her father's Yartzeit