We are pleased to introduce to you the Jewish Community Calendar. Once again, Chabad will be producing this attractive full-color publication, and mailing it to the entire Jewish community free of charge.

The Calendar will include detailed information about upcoming holidays, educational messages, Shabbat and Holiday candle lighting times, traditional Jewish recipes, and popular thematic artwork. The practical design also provides ample room for the recording of personal information and appointments.

Your participation this year is so appreciated and here is how:

Calendar Dates
Honor a special date such as a birthday, Yartzeit, or anniversary by including that date in the calendar!

Business Advertising/Personal Greeting
Advertise your business or service to the Jewish community, or support the calendar campaign with your personal greeting, in this beautiful calendar.

Please email calendar@chabadnorthridge.com or call 818-368-3937 if you have any questions or if you would like more information.

The due date for all ads and calendar information is Monday, July 22nd! 

To see a sample of last year's calendar, click here .

Yes! I Would Like to Advertise in Your Calendar!
Calendar Pages Middle Pages
1 Business Card $300.00 Business Card $180.00
3 Business Cards $750.00 Quarter Page (5x3¾) $350.00
6 Business Cards $1,350.00 Half Page (5 x 7½) $600.00
13 Business Cards $2,600.00 Full Page (10 x 7½) $1,000.00
Please email your business card to calendar@chabadnorthridge.com

I would like assistance with ad design.

Please include my family Birthdays/Yartzeits/Anniversaries - No Charge

Optional $36 Donation per date appreciated

Name 1 Date 1
Name 2 Date 2
Name 3 Date 3
Name 4 Date 4
Name 5 Date 5
Name 6 Date 6
Name 7 Date 7
Name 8 Date 8
Yartzeits will be recorded in the calendar on the Hebrew Date (i.e. Tishrei 1, 5780 etc.) on which the Yartzeit occurred. Check here to record these Yartzeits on the Secular Date.
Birthdays will be recorded on the Secular Date (i.e. January 1, 2020). Check here to calculate and record these birthdays on the Hebrew Date.
Contact Information
First Name Last
Email Phone
Address City,State, Zip Code
(Optional) Credit Card Information
Name on Card Card Number
Expiration Date CVV
Card Type Amount to Charge