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We raised $18,494 for Chabad of Northridge!

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Support Chanukah at Chabad Northridge

Each year, Chabad brings the warmth and happiness of Chanukah to the hearts of hundreds, both young and old. This time, we're aiming to amplify the glow and make the festival even more memorable. We can't do it without your support! 


Car Menorahs: Drive with Jewish Pride!

Join us in illuminating the streets with the radiance of Chanukah. We're offering the community a chance to showcase their Jewish pride with free car menorahs. Let's make our community shine brighter than ever! 
Total Cost: $20,000

Public Display Menorahs: Illluminate the future!

Help us expand our reach!  We're adding new public display menorahs to bring a fresh and vibrant spirit to the community. Let's create a beacon of light that everyone can gather around.
Total Cost: $4,000

Distributing Menorahs: Sharing the Light, One Menorah at a Time!

We're on a mission to spread the joy of Chanukah by distributing hundreds of free menorahs kits. Your contribution will help us light up homes and hearts, fostering a sense of community and connection.
Total Cost: $1,000

Chanukah Events: Unleash the Festivities!

From engaging workshops to festive celebrations, our Chanukah events promise laughter, learning, and lasting memories. Check out all the exciting happenings by clicking here.
Total Cost: $11,000

Total Chanukah Fundraising Goal: $36,000

Be a part of something special this Chanukah. Your support not only brightens our festivities but also contributes to the unity and joy experienced by the entire community. Let's come together to make this Chanukah the brightest one yet! Donate now and help us spread the light far and wide.


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